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President Dr. Gretel S. Sia

Gretel Sia is a Math instructor at Honolulu Community College.  She earned her doctorate degree in mathematics from University of Hawaiʻi at Manoa in May 2015.  She also has a background in law having practiced and taught law in the Philippines prior to earning her masters degree in law from William Richardson School of Law at UH Manoa in May 2004. She has more than thirty years of experience in teaching college-level mathematics.

Vice President

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Vice-President Elect

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Recording Secretary

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Treasurer Dr. Michael P. Ida

Four-Year College Director
Travis Mukina

Academic Degrees:

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Service to Profession & Community:

Travis Mukina, Ph.D. (he/him)

Associate Professor of Education

School of Education and Behavioral Sciences

Chaminade University of Honolulu 

Two-Year College Director
Jody-Lynn Storm

High School Director

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Middle School Director
Kathryn Parsons

Elementary School Director

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Membership Director
Laurie James

Dr. Laurie James is an Associate Professor of Math Education at the University of Hawai‘i – West Oʻahu. Laurie teaches math methods courses to the elementary and secondary teacher candidates. Through collaborative experiences, emphasis is placed on innovative problem-solving activities to enhance mathematical practices. Laurie is a co-facilitator of the Math Teachers’ Circle of Hawaiʻi (MaTCH) professional development program that meets regularly to solve mathematical problems to anticipate where their students might struggle with mathematical concepts. 

NCTM Representative
Dr. Michael P. Ida

Newsletter Editor Kathryn Parsons

As an 8th-grade math teacher and department head at Jarrett Middle School in Palolo for the past decade, I bring a wealth of experience and passion for education to the classroom. Holding a B.A. in Family Resource Management and Education with a minor in Mathematics from UHM, and an M.Ed. in Secondary Education Mathematics from HPU, I am dedicated to fostering a love for math in my students. Currently immersed in writing my Dissertation during this school year, I balance my professional commitments with being a single mom to a Senior at Maryknoll High School, who aspires to become a Firefighter.

Beyond my teaching role, I actively contribute to educational initiatives and community service. Serving as the HCTM (Hawaiʻi Council Teacher of Mathematics) Middle Level Board Director, HSTA (Hawaiʻi State Teacher Association) Head Faculty representative, HSTA Honolulu District Director on the board, and Teacher Representative Board member for the Jarrett Foundation, I am deeply invested in advancing education and advocating for the needs of both students and teachers. My involvement extends to various extracurricular activities, and my love for the Palolo community is sustained by the enduring positive interactions with former students and parents. I look forward to continuing my journey at Jarrett for many years and contributing to the growth and development of our educational community. 

Webmaster/Social Media Manager
Keith Ishihara

Keith has been a Hawaiʻi Department of Education Secondary Level Math teacher for almost 30 years. He was the former Middle School Director for Hawaiʻi Council of Teachers of Mathematics.


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Student Representative

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